The Mark Of A Great Game!

The patented TeeCorrect system takes the mystery out of teeing up the golf ball correctly,
setting the stage for the optimum launch angle, spin, and distance.

Build Confidence With The Correct Tee Height Every Time

Step 1

Select Your Driver

Step 2

Select Your Tee Size

Step 3

Measure Driver

Step 4

Insert Tee Into TeeCorrect

Step 5

Mark and Spin

Step 6

Remove Marker Then Tee

Step 7

Mark To Remember

Step 8

Have a Great Game

Permitted Under The Rules Of Golf


Improve Your Game Today!


TeeCorrect precision tee marking system is a tool that customizes your personalized desired tee height. With one mark, TeeCorrect offers the you a more accurate, and consistent tee height each time. Made in the USA

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